The emphasizing of the individual character of the image is related to its proper framing. The way of framingbas well as the appearance of the frame itself should be adequate to the technique of a given work, the color of the work, the character of the interior and the place of the exhibition.

Selection of glass

Watercolors are very sensitive to sunlight. Even though painting articles used by me are of the highest quality, the works may fade over time. Do not place the artwork in places exposed to direct sunlight. To slow down the "disappearance" of colors, a watercolour and passe-partout should be put behind glass or plexiglass. This barrier will protect an artwork from the dust.

Before choosing the type of transparent protection, it is good to know the basic properties of each of them:


Aesthetics of an artwork can be strengthened by usage of the appropriate passe-partout. Passe-partout adds depth to presented work and distances the painted area from the glass. Passe-partout in the color of neutral pastels, gray and beige allows you to attract the viewer's attention to work and fits to any interior design. Dark colors evoke a "tunnel effect" by visually minimizing the image, bright ones are giving "breath" to the artwork.

Frame and clip frame

For the framing of watercolors, it is recommended to use narrow or medium-sized frame profiles. It is advisable to adjust the color and the material from which the frame is made to the color of work and interior. It is said that the color of a frame should contrast with the color of the room walls. The frame protects the edges of the glass and the picture. It limits the entry of dust under the glass. The clip frame creates a minimalistic appearance of the work. Hovewer, it does not protects glass and watercolors from damage as well as a traditional frame would.

The method and aesthetics of the framing of a painting depend on the individual needs and preferences of the users. I hope that the information I present will be useful. It is good to know the functions, advantages and disadvantages of basic framing items. If you have any problems with framing of an artwork, it is worth going to specialists who do it professionally.